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The Bulgarian Home Exhibition is over!
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Bulgarian Home Expo
Bulgarian Home Exhibition in Moscow: 13-14 March 2020

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Property Show "Bulgarian Home"

Date: February 14-15, 2014
Place: Trade-exhibition center "Tishinka", 1 Tishinskaya square, Moscow, Russia

The success of the Bulgarian Home show is quite explicable: Bulgaria is the most popular property market with Russians, holding the palm for more than 7 years already. Experts believe the popularity of the Bulgarian property market in Russia will not go on the wane during the next year or two. One of the main reasons are relatively low property prices in Bulgaria, which may even see a downward correction in the months to come. This will certainly whip up demand on the part of potential purchasers of Bulgarian property. The interest is also fueled by the abundance of diverse residences: the potential buyer may choose between an inexpensive studio, apartments with any number of bedrooms, a luxury villa, or a plot of land. Co-investment schemes are also offered to those who would like to chip in the building of a holiday property, resort hotel, or buy an office in the business center of a large city.

Traditionally almost all types of property currently on offer will be represented at the "Bulgarian Home" property show to be held in Moscow on February 14-15 of 2014, while the participants would be delighted to introduce visitors to Bulgarian real estate investment opportunities. About 100 exhibitors are expected to take part in the show -- real estate agencies, construction firms, development, consulting and other companies specializing in the Bulgarian property market. Both market players and visitors mention the practical use of the seminars which will be a special feature of the business agenda.

  • According to the official data only, 338 thousand Russian citizens owned property in Bulgaria in 2012.
  • Annually the number of Russians possessing property in Bulgaria increases by 8-12%.
  • About 85% of Russian buyers prefer property on the Black Sea coast and 15% -- in big cities and highland regions of Bulgaria.

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