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The Bulgarian Home Exhibition is over!
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Bulgarian Home Expo
Bulgarian Home Exhibition in Moscow: 13-14 March 2020

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Exhibition review: "Bulgarian Real Estate 2014"

Vanya Dincheva, Sales Director at Elitstroy LTD
We have participated in this exhibition many times, and the organization this year is absolutely astounding. Conveniently, the exhibition takes place in the very heart of Moscow at a nice exhibition complex, which is very well suited for our subject.

Yekaterina Golovleva, Sales Manager at Miriada
It’s the second time we’ve participated in the exhibition, and the growth of this event is obvious. Even though the exhibition is very popular within the industry, it’s still carried out in a most professional manner. Everything is very well organized; there are lots of visitors and very little random people. It means that the exhibition has attracted a very high percentage of our target audience. This is definitely an advantage for us as we want to see people who are closely interested in Bulgarian real estate, who don’t need to be told about all the benefits this country has to offer.

Elena Akhmedzhanova, consultant at Bulgarian Properties, Chobanov & Stoyanov
Last year we participated in the exhibition as an agency, but now we want to assert ourselves in a whole new way with our subsidiary development company Chobanov & Stoyanov. We are also presenting three incredible new properties which are currently in the construction phase. We receive different enquiries, most people are interested in properties of 20-30 thousand euros, but some bids are really big. A significant part of visitors are specifically interested in the property by developer. It is important for those people to get first-hand information, and at an event like that they can talk to the CEO of the developer about construction planning in order to get an opportunity to re-plan something at the very beginning. Of course, it is much more convenient than making a purchase through an agency, since such detailed information is not always possible to get. It is also very important to note that paying for real estate in installments is an absolutely viable way, as it is relevant for a lot of customers.

Katya Georgieva, Sales Manager at Plazza Central
It’s the first time we have participated in the exhibition, and we would like to point out that the organization is excellent. The exhibition has become a great meeting point for developers and buyers.

Anna Barker, Director of Sales at Stroinkom LTD
We have participated in Bulgarian Real Estate exhibition every year since it first started, and every year it demonstrates the highest possible level of organization.

Olesya Ivanova, Eriya company
The exhibition is held at a very high level. This is definitely one of the best exhibitions in the industry.

Anna Stoilova, Director at RB Home
We have participated in the exhibition for the past six years, and we have been absolutely satisfied. Specifically for this exhibition, I can say that the first day was very productive already: we filled out 40 questionnaire cards, and distributed all the materials brought for the stand. This shows that advertising and organization teams did their respective jobs very well. Moreover, the economic situation in Russia has changed, and this year we see a lot more real customers than we did last year. Most visitors approach us with specific requests, instead of just watching the stand from afar. Customer demands have changed too. There used to be a lot of requests for 15, 20, 25 thousand euro properties - people just heard that Bulgaria is the cheapest country in terms of real estate. Nowadays people already know that 15-25 thousand is not the price at which you can buy properties. People ask real questions about locations and specific objects.

Nikolay Alexiev, CEO at Naza Invest
It is the strongest exhibition in the industry, and the organization is always at a very high level.

Maria Uzunova, Real Estate Consultant at Dinevi Group
We participate in this exhibition every year. Our goal is to maintain the image of a large developer, and this goal is achieved here. We are absolutely satisfied; there is a lot of interest shown for the objects of our company. We definitely stand out at the market as a lot of Russian customers are aware of us.

Evgeniy Sokolenko, Sales Manager at Evergreen
We participate in this exhibition every year and we think of it it as one of the best in the industry. Organizers do great job working with the database of participants of previous events. The majority of visitors know very much about the market, they know all the popular towns in Bulgaria, and are mostly focused on specific real estate objects.

Marina Puchkova, Sales Manager at Moscow Harmony Estates
This is our first time participating in this exhibition; we represent a major development company. We’re very happy with the level of activity; the organisation is at its best. We are registering really good sales; a lot of objects are sold at a presentation stage. So our overall impression is very good.

Simeon Kovachev, CEO at BULSUN Group
We have participated in the events held by aiGroup since 2008, and we have always appreciated their good work and high level of organization of the exhibitions. Visitors' interest is also very high, though the crowd has changed a little - there are more and more people who are interested in buying properties at real prices. I can say that today is the right time to buy property in Bulgaria, the prices are just great, and the demand is really high. In our work, we do not divide the customers on the interested and the disinterested; we believe that all of them are interested. But there are pricing expectation at the level of 16,000 euros, which is simply unreal. There are still lots of enquiries of that sort, but the trend is definitely for the better. Most customers are reasonable about the pricing, which is very important for us as the developer.

Yegor Fomin, Pervaya Liniya-1
This year a lot of people visited the exhibition, and the quality of the audience was really high The interest in Bulgarian real estate has grown up in quality: there are getting more and more people who are interested in houses rather than apartments. Organization of the exhibition is at the proper level, great choice of the target audience too. There are more offers from the developers compared to the last year’s event, which is important for potential buyers.

Igor Philip, CEO at Bulfranita LTD
Exceptional level of organization, as always. Organizers are always available in the course of the exhibition, ready to provide you with everything you might need, whether it’s additional tables and chairs or power outlets. We offer objects in Pomorie, a city with a well-developed infrastructure. Our objects stir serious interest among the visitors.

Nicholas Lamburov, Rivera Garden
We are pleased with the involvement of the audience, which is quite big this year. Clients are interested in real estate in the price range between 20 and 100 thousand euros. We consider the exhibition as a place to establish contacts with potential buyers, evaluate the market, understand the mood of customers, their needs and demands, the level of their requests. It is very important for us. We do not work for direct sales only, instead we pay more attention to marketing, looking for ways to strengthen our public image.

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